Car Training Stand
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Car Training Stand


   The DB-3017 for car service practical training on the mechanical diesel engine, injection system, transmission, suspension, power steering, brakes and electrical. Comes with original chassis, certain parts of the system are shown to facilitate the learning of the work of each system. Equipped with castor wheels are adjustable height making it easier to repair.

  • The trainer incorporated all major systems and components, such as  Chassis, Electrical and lighting system, Instrument panel, brake system, engine, transmission, cooling, steering, suspension, rear axle, front end, wheel and tires, and exhaust system.
  • The chassis equipped with adjustable height lockable castor wheel for mobility.
  • Engine: 4-cylinder in-line 4-stroke diesel engine.
  • Displacement: 2000-2500cc, 8-16 valves(Overhead valve).
  • Transmission: Manual 5 forward and 1reverse.
  • Battery charger: Alternator.
  • Type of drive train: RWD(Rear Wheel Drive).
  • Battery: 12V,70Ah(included).
  • Cooling system: Liquid-cooled with radiator.
  • Brake system: Front disk brake and rear drum brake.
  • Fuel: Diesel.
  • Supplied with dust cover & operation/service manual.

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