Car Power Steering
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Car Power Steering


Power steering control, ignition switch, front suspension mechanism, booster pump, oiler, steering wheel, steering column, universal joints, steering gear, steering rod, wheels, single-phase induction motors, hydraulic pressure gauge/torque sensors, turning dials, mobile workbench, manual & training guidebook and other components.


Chassis for power Steering system:
  • The trainer is designed to demonstrate the function and operation of typical power steering system and also can be used by a student to practice assembly/disassembly skill, repair, and maintenance techniques.
  • Original automobile parts of a typical small passenger vehicle.
  • Complete front end steering and suspension system mounted on sturdy steel stand equipped with castor wheel for mobility.
  • The trainer has following functioning components:
Steering wheel
Power steering gearbox
Front suspension steering linkage
Power steering pump with reservoir and hoes
Panel control with ampere meter and pressure gauge
  • The power steering pump is driven by an electric motor 220V single phase.

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