Portable Dead Body Freezer
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Portable Dead Body Freezer


General description:

The “db-tech” DB-30817 “Portable dead body freezer” is a unique machine to preserve the dead body for several weeks. This machine is designed retain the respect of a dead body. It is easy to handle, one touch operation, minimum power consumption, inside light facility, easy to place and shift the dead body, easy wash with water and the machine’s structure durability is 50 years.



At a glance:

·         Increase dignity of dead body

·         Can Store for several weeks

·         Fully visible inside

·         Protect from insect

·         Easy portable

·         Easy use and operation

·         Easy place and shift dead body

·         Can wash with water

·         Can use any 220V AC socket

·         Inside light

·         Low power consumption

·         Light weight




·         Input voltage: 220V AC

·         Max consumption: 540W

·         Default temperature: 1.5°C to 3°C

·         Machine capacity: -5°C at atmosphere 55°C

·         Default delay: 3 minutes

·         Machine size: L 2540mm * W 760mm * H 625mm

·         Bade size: L 2130mm * W 760mm

·         Glass: 5mm Cellulite

·         Uses metal: Stainless Steel 

·         Total weight: 45Kg



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