Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engine Model
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Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engine Model



Diesel engine:

  • Model of Diesel two-stroke engine 
  • Made of an alloy of aluminum and hard bronze
  • Ignition is signaled by a miniature bulb
  • Cutaway of fuel feeding system
  • With manual crank         
  • The whole assembly is mounted onto a base

Gasoline engine:

  • This model shows a typical air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine with side valves.
  • The valves, with cams driven by a gear train from the back of the main crank, can be seen.
  • The spark plugs use a small lamp to indicate the ignition point.
  • The equipment also includes binders for the connection with a battery of 3 V Cutaway of the carburetor.
  • The module is mounted on to a base.

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